We believe that freelancing in the Performing Arts and by extension the Cultural and Creative Industries should be made more accessible and manageable to the next generation of creatives.

The concept of the ‘struggling artists’ is not completely untrue. Becoming a professional artist is only meant for the talented and hard working few. But since the work field has scattered into a freelance battlefield, being talented or working hard does not equal a sustainable lasting career. Professionals are now obliged to master the art of freelancing as well.

The art of freelancing… What does that even mean?

In our view, the art of freelancing means running a full-fledged one-person company while navigating an endless ocean filled with scarce opportunities. Freelancers need the right tools and skills in their arsenal to keep their companies afloat by spotting those opportunities and turning them into profits. In easier words, freelancers need to find work and land clients to be able to live.

This sounds easier than it is in reality, especially for newly graduated creatives. Artists and creators rather spend their valuable time improving or maintaining their artistic skills and working, rather than on networking, bookkeeping, marketing, and applying to projects. They are time consuming tasks but nevertheless vital to the success of a freelance artist.

Freelancing is here to stay, with approximately 50%-70% of people working in the performing arts being freelancers. But freelancing shouldn’t be an administrative burden to artists and creators, it should be freeing.

It is why we believe it is time to empower creativity with technology. Our mission is to create automated tools and better-streamlined workflows that help freelancers and organizations hiring them save time, money, and resources.

We value fair practices such as fair pay and fair working conditions. At lanced we will contribute to the enforcement of these practises and will battle against the exploitation of artists and creators.

We stand for equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. Everybody deserves their best shot at making it in this industry.

We are devoted to creating a platform that is based on transparency and community. We are doing this together.

At last, we are created by artists for artists. We want to help every single professional artist and creator build a sustainable career.

Get ready to get lanced!