We are on a mission to Empower Creativity

We are building the first-ever online marketplace and management hub for professionals and organizations in the Creative & Cultural Industries.

Crowdfunding Results
Goal Achieved 56%

About our Company

Hi there, thank you for having an interest in our company Lanced. We are an early-stage tech startup building the first-ever online marketplace and management platform for organizations and freelancers working in the Creative & Cultural Industries.

Check out the following video by one of our founders, Wouter Vertogen, to get to know our company, mission, and vision!

Bridging the Creative & Cultural Industries

Lanced will function as a bridge between the various Creative & Cultural sectors enabling interdisciplinary work to further drive cultural, creative, and economic innovation.

By using an interdisciplinary approach, Lanced has the ability to simultaneously tap into various markets such as Entertainment & Theatre, Film & Media, Advertising, and Content Production.

A multi-disciplinary bridge will introduce more diversity and inclusion into the various sectors. Something that is very much needed and asked for.

For artists and creators, a multi-disciplinary bridge will lead to more work opportunities and a broader understanding of their creative possibilities.

View our Pitch Deck

Our Business Plan in 15 slides. Learn about the problems of professionals and organizations in the Creative & Cultural Industries and how we are planning to solve those. Get a better understanding of the market and what we are planning on capturing. 

Visual Recruitment Tool

In October we launched our Visual Recruitment Tool to help organizations save time and resources with auditions. 

The tool functions as a visual database and lets users easily sort and select applicants to audition. 


Meet the Founders

Stavya Bhatia | Technopreneur

Stavya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in AI & Robotics. He is an ex-founder himself and moonlights for a startup called Roombae. Stavya lives in New Delhi, India.

Wouter Vertogen | Cultural Entrepreneur

Wouter holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and is the founder of Freelancer Talk. Through his experiences in the field, he knows exactly what is needed. He has a large international network and works part-time at the Henny Jurriëns Studio. Wouter lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer your most pressing questions!

How Can I Invest?

If you’re looking to invest in Lanced, please send us a message privately or at hello@lanced.app. Make sure to read about our Convertible Notes as we will have to sign a Convertible Note Agreement. You can find a concept version on our Invest page. 

Isn't there something like Lanced already?

While marketplaces and management platforms are not new ideas, we are building something unique. We have searched and searched, but there isn’t a single company connecting the various Creative & Cultural Industries on the level we are trying to do. 

On top of that, we are developing certain features that aren’t out there either. In that sense, we will have a first-market movers advantage. 

How Much Can I Invest?

It is up to you to decide how much you’d want to invest. Investing is at your own risk and we suggest you don’t invest more than you are ready to lose. 

We are open to investments of: 

€100,- | €200,- | €500,- | €1.000,- | €2.500,- | €5.000, | €10.000,-


What Are you Going to Use the Money For?

The money raised will be used to further develop our product, hire marketing & sales staff, pay for marketing campaigns, and attract new customers.

Further, we will use a part of the money to file for a trademark, legal consultation, and accounting fees. Check out our Invest Page for a better overview of our Use of Capital.

What is a Convertible Note?

A convertible note is a loan that converts into equity, which typically happens with a future financing round. As an investor, you would be loaning money to Lanced, and instead of getting your loan (+interest) back in cash, you would receive equity in the company.

What are the Terms of your Convertible Notes?

The Convertible Note that we are offering will include a 20% discount on equity. Meaning, if you’d invest €100,- in Lanced and we get a future valuation that determines the price per share at €10,-. You would be getting 12 shares instead of 10 shares.

Make sure to read the Convertible Note Agreement to read all the terms.